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Yesterday I wrote about how your brain responds to poetry. Today I’m posting some ‘found poetry’ I made using a neat website called Poetweet. Found poetry is a kind of poetry made up of words and passages that the writer ‘finds’ from other sources. Magnetic poetry could be called found poetry. I’ve read found poems made of road signs, newspaper articles and I heard Madhur Anand read a poem extracted from a research article.

Poetweet uses social media as the source of words and passages. It’s a neat idea. The site mines your tweets for text that it combines into a short poem. I was tweeting quite a lot about NASA’s Mars announcement yesterday and inevitably it came across in my tweet-poems.

Believe the things we do

It was quite fun and while the poems were sometimes nonsense, some passages sounded nice.

For Writing 101 we were encouraged to mine our online presence for inspiration. I decided to follow the moderator’s recommendation of Poetweet. It was really easy to use. You simply insert a twitter handle in the text box, select a poem type and away you go. You can produce a sonnet:Screenshot 2015-09-29 13.13.39

a rondel:Poetweet Rondel

or an indriso:

Screenshot 2015-09-29 13.12.14

You don’t have to sign in to use the site, you only have to input a twitter handle. So I decided to poeticize the tweets of some of the people I follow. Those twitter accounts produced better poems than the ones made from my own tweets. Which goes to show that science can be very poetic.

This is an indriso from @eurekalertaaas:

Screenshot 2015-09-29 13.08.30

I like this one from @setiInstitute:

Screenshot 2015-09-29 13.10.06


This last one is from @NASA:
Screenshot 2015-09-29 13.11.18

If you move the cursor over the individual lines in Poetweet, the original twitter post pops up on the side so you can see all of the tweets that made up the poem.

It was an interesting process and I recommend checking the website out.

Hope you enjoyed.


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