Saturday Morning Cartoons: Adventures in Time and Space

With all the hubbub on the internet about Back to the Future Day this past Wednesday, I collected some videos about time and time-travel. I also found a couple of films that talk about neutrinos, which ties nicely to yesterday’s blog post.

Buckle up and let’s have some adventures in time and space

Let's go!

Let’s go!


TimeSaver: The Discount Time Travel Superstore from matthew k

A tongue-in-cheek film on how time-travel will impact and be impacted by consumerism.


Time 2 Travel from Robin Chakraborty

This provides some easy-to-understand information about the limitations of time-travel.


THE COUNTER – An Animation About Time from OVALPICTURE

While the film isn’t informative, the animation is hypnotic.


Why Neutrinos Matter by TED-Ed
This lesson, created by Sílvia Bravo Gallart, describes important neutrino observations happening on Antarctica. 

How to detect a Supernova  by Ted-Ed

Samantha Kuula from SNOLab was one of the creators of this animated short that explains how neutrinos’ properties can help us to detect supernovae before the light reaches us.

Live Action

“The Closest Thing to Time Travel”  from Mark Tapio Kines on Vimeo.

This short sci-fi film toys with what we know about the nature of light and the observation of past events.

How to Time Travel with Dr. Ronald Mallett by THNKR
There’s no animation in this film, but I found Dr. Mallett’s descriptions of the various methods and limitations of time-travel interesting. 

Image Credit: Warlen G Vasco


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