Saturday Morning Cartoons: Birds, Dinos and Climate Change

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Image Credit: By The Photographer (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

This week in Saturday Morning Cartoons, we’ve got traveling birds, roaring dinos and the perils of climate change.


Songbird from Deadpixel 


FEAR OF FLYING trailer from conorfinnegan


Bird migration, a perilous journey with Alyssa Klavans from TEDEd


Physics of Bird Migration from Untamed Science


How Do Birds Know Where To Go When They Migrate? from BrainStuff- HowStuffWorks



Rice Krispies “Dinosaur” from Hornet


KT Extinction (Animography Monthly: May) from Jnantiec


Triceratops Walk Cycle (Sounds Added) from Israel Barber


Dr. Dinosaur by What’s onTVCOGECO?


Climate Change

Climate 101 from Dark Igloo


Climate Change from UVPHACTORY


George the Poet on Climate Change from The RSA

National Climate Change TVCs – Dr Mars from TRASHITY

Double Whammy: Bird Migration AND Climate Change

The Effects of Climate Change on Birds & Bird Migration from Eyal Bartov

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