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Adult learning and prior experience

Adults in museums behave very differently to children. They learn differently too. Image Credit:

This past weekend I worked as an interpreter for a late night, adult event at THEMUSEUM. I like working with kids in museums, but I enjoy engaging adults too. However, there are distinct differences between teaching grown-ups and kids. Researchers have articulated adult teaching as ‘andragogy’, different to ‘pedagogy’ that is teaching children.

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Boss battles for science- Talking with the creators of ‘Pluto’s Revenge’

Pluto's Revenge Opening Screen

Credit: Angry Squid Games

ROM for the Holidays is in full swing at the Royal Ontario Museum and this year’s theme is “Escape from Planet ROM”. With a prototype Mars rover from the Canadian Space Agency, a star lab, and earthbound aliens there’s something for everyone. But no talk of space exploration is complete without bringing up video games. The ROM game arcade is back and this year the Holiday Space Arcade features five fun space-filled games.

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Heatmiser’s coming to town…actually it’s El Niño

“I’m Mister ‘Green Christmas’. I’m Mister ‘Sun’.” (Credit: Rankin and Bass Productions)

I was out and about yesterday and my goodness it was warm. It got me thinking of having a ‘Green Christmas’ rather than a ‘White Christmas’ and that inevitably made me think of Heatmiser from Rankin and Bass’ stop-motion Christmas Special “The Year without a Santa Claus“.

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While COP21 was happening in Paris, scientists kept churning out climate change research

The UN Conference on Climate Change ran from November 30th to December 11th, 2015.

With United Nations Conference on Climate Change drawing to a close, I wanted to compile a round-up of the climate change news released since the start of the conference.

Before I begin with the news, I found a few non-news related tidbits about the conference. I found this map of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). It provides insight into the various climate regimes within the convention. I also found this article about climate activism and what drives climate change efforts And finally, this report came out of COP21, and it describes the benefits and trade-offs of low-carbon energy (for the full report, click here).

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