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Figures Revealed

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The film Hidden Figures follows the stories of three African-American women critical to the American space race. While the movie didn’t win any Oscars, despite three nominations, it did a phenomenal job at the box office. Movies like this can have a profound impact on helping people of color relate to scientists and find a point where science is personally relevant. Continue Reading


Heatmiser’s coming to town…actually it’s El Niño

“I’m Mister ‘Green Christmas’. I’m Mister ‘Sun’.” (Credit: Rankin and Bass Productions)

I was out and about yesterday and my goodness it was warm. It got me thinking of having a ‘Green Christmas’ rather than a ‘White Christmas’ and that inevitably made me think of Heatmiser from Rankin and Bass’ stop-motion Christmas Special “The Year without a Santa Claus“.

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