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How do you engage diverse audiences with science?

To wrap up February on this very fine leap day, I present to you an interview with a colleague of mine, Anthony Morgan, who’s up to some interesting things in science communication. We chatted about why science matters and how we can invite more diversity in science by just being ourselves.

Hover @ Daily Planet_Feb4_1

Anthony showcased his home-made hoverboard at Daily Planet.

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I swear, it was this big!

Our oceans are massive and are home to some massive creatures. These are the seeds of myth: sea dragons, Leviathan, the Kraken. Such creatures may seem unreasonable now, but exaggerating the size of our planet’s largest beasts is not just a thing of the past.

For years, scientists have worked with a very small pool of data when estimating the maximum and average sizes of marine megafauna. That is, until now. Continue Reading