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Found techno-poetry

Yesterday I wrote about how your brain responds to poetry. Today I’m posting some ‘found poetry’ I made using a neat website called Poetweet. Found poetry is a kind of poetry made up of words and passages that the writer ‘finds’ from other sources. Magnetic poetry could be called found poetry. I’ve read found poems made of road signs, newspaper articles and I heard Madhur Anand read a poem extracted from a research article.

Poetweet uses social media as the source of words and passages. It’s a neat idea. The site mines your tweets for text that it combines into a short poem. I was tweeting quite a lot about NASA’s Mars announcement yesterday and inevitably it came across in my tweet-poems.

Believe the things we do

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Our Online Personality

It’s no secret that potential employers may have a gander at your social media profiles while flipping through your application. I’ve heard dozens of stories about how near-successful candidates were overlooked for jobs because their Facebook profile contained a photo of them drinking from a plastic cup. Online presence is such a big thing now a days. I chatted with a friend in IT this past weekend about how to navigate my own concerns about hire-ability and my desire for self-expression. Her attitude was not to delete my Facebook albums from undergrad, but to make sure they’re only visible to friends. Take control of your public image. It makes sense. I might be comfortable schlepping about the house in a hoodie, yoga pants and flip-flops, but I would never wear that to an interview. It’s all about putting your best self out there.

So, I had mixed reactions to this study about a computer programme able to predict personality based on a person’s Facebook profile.  Continue Reading