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Tri-Con 2016: The Science (or lack of science) Behind Science Fiction

Tricon coverA few weekends ago I attended Tri-Con, a local convention hosted by THEMUSEUM. It was loads of fun. I got some swag, mostly buttons, and prints, and I got to see real-live cosplayers. I fangirled a little when I saw Korra and Asami from Avatar: Legends of Korra, Peebles and Marceline from Adventure Time, and some Old School Storm Troopers. There were tons of panel sessions on various nerdy topics but the panel I made an effort to attend was a session called “The Science (or lack of Science) in Science Fiction” hosted by Nerd Night KW. Continue Reading


Jessica Bromley Bartram: Exploring social issues through visual science fiction

One of the things I want to explore with this blog is the way that art informs science and science influences art. What better way to examine this interaction than to interview an artist. My first interview, with graphic designer Jessica Bromley Bartram, will be split into two posts. The first part focuses on the narrative and research behind her thesis project “Rise and Fall of Cordycepts“. 
I hope you enjoy! Continue Reading